Topic 1 Summary #UOSM2033

I began my first blog-post in this module, in fact, my first blog post ever by asking the reader “Had Lisa, with merely a snippet of a post, done what no lecturer before her had done? – That is, grab my attention with a new topic that actually seemed interesting.” So i’d like to start this short summary post with a quick answer to that question; a resounding YES. 

Having read through a number of others’ blogs I can see I am not alone in having learnt a concept which was alien to me 2 weeks a go. In topic 1, I have tried to be different with my style of writing compared to others and my normal style of writing as I feel I have the ability to express myself more in a module such as this given its online nature.

In regards to the topic itself, I found that the time between to the two central theories was not long at all and makes me wonder whether a new theory which could dispel the idea of digital residents and visitors could just be round the corner, perhaps one of my classmates already has a theory of his/her own. I suppose the that is the nature of the web, things do move quickly, Twitter has only turned 10 years old this year and yet it has millions of users and has generated billions of dollars in revenue.

I began this topic rather worried as to how to complete any task asked of me, but having the ability to view others’ and comment on each others’ is a revelation. It is so unlike any other module I have studied in Economics thus far.

I hope next time, somebody comments on my blog too, although I think debating around a topic such as this would be difficult.

I really look forward to Topic 2.


Links to the two post I commented on:



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