Topic 3 Summary #UOSM2033

Image 1 – Source: Huffington Post

The material in topic 3 was certainly more familiar to me than that covered in the previous two topics. This did not deter me from reading widely around the material beyond the sources covered in the suggested reading. I used information that I had learnt in August, when I began to build a more professional online profile for my use in the job application process. I also found more up-to-date data where I discovered surprising information in regards to how many employers use LinkedIn when vetting candidates.

Once again I found the commenting part of this module highly interesting, informative and fun. I continued my conversation with Alex from my comments last week which once again stretched across on to twitter. I had a number of people comment on my blog this week and the questions they posed led to me think about the material in a different way which certainly enhanced my knowledge on the topic as I had to research further in order to answer their questions. I hope my comments on other’s blogs had a similar effect.

After the feedback I received after topic 2, I also undertook more research into using the tools that WordPress has to offer – specifically using media and inserting links into text, the latter something I had previously failed to do entirely. I made a conscious effort to incorporate the new skills I had learnt on this website into this week’s post.

I’d say this week more than the others has led to me consider my actions in the real world. Although I had taken steps to make my online profiles authentic and professional previously, I actually spent time to alter my twitter account by changing my header to a more appropriate photo.. I also changed my name entirely so employers will find it hard to find me. Perhaps the aspect of anonymity discussed in Topic 2 has also rubbed off on me this week.

Image1 – Huffington Post, Available at [Accessed: 20/11/16]

Links to my comments:

I also replied to all who posted on my blog –


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