Topic 4 Summary #UOSM2033

Eva Carneiro left Chelsea last year after being publicly criticised by ex-manager José Mourinho.
Eva Carneiro, former Chelsea club doctor. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP


My Blog
I decided to highlight the issue of discrimination in football. This topic was brought into the public eye over the past week as Eva Carneiro, the female, former Chelsea club doctor claimed to be the victim of sexism and more shockingly, death threats (Guardian, 2016). Being an avid football fan myself, I’m all too familiar with the shocking incidents of racism, homophobia and sexism that do appear. In the past few years, as social media has become more prevalent across all walks of life – especially sport,  these issues have been under more scrutiny from the public and I raised them by showing the reader a video from the KickItOut campaign.

The use of this video clearly caught the eye, as a record number of people commented on my blog, some of whom commented specifically on the video. Davina said she found the video “gripping” and went on to ask me If I had any solutions to issue of discrimination in football. This question was echoed by others too including Alex, Arthur and Joe. Alex proposed an interesting solution – making the clubs accountable as well as the players. This idea led me to think along a different path and although I didn’t necessarily agree with that notion, Alex’s logic was sound and the dialogue that followed really made consider of the scale of the issue I had raised.

Alice’s Blog
Alice’s blog went down a completely different path to mine, and discussed the issues of children and social media – a topic that is so different to mine and made me grateful to be able to view other’s work as a means of learning. She went on to inform me that at her work she is trained on how to deal with children, perhaps footballers should be taught to how to use social media too?

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Press Association (2016), Eva Carneiro reveals she received death threats after chelsea departure, Available at [Accessed 26/11/16]

(Image available from the same article)

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Comments made on my blog:




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