Topic 5 Summary #UOSM2033

My blog

I decided this week to look at the use of paywalls in the online newspaper industry. I found, through my reading, that attitudes towards their usage vary. In the USA, society appears to be more accepting of their usage than the British. I discussed this point with Arthur in his comment on my blog and he went on to post a link to an Australian perspective on the matter. His research led him to conclude that [from an Australian view at least], paywalls were unsustainable. This view contradicted mine but was a useful reminder that my research on the subject merely scratched the surface of research on the subject. Alex and I seemed to have similar experiences with dealing with paywalls first-hand highlighted by our common frustration at being unable to access some content for free when off-campus.

Arthur’s blog

On Arthur’s own blog, he focused on the idea of open-access in the academic sector. He concluded that, the pros of open-access outweighed the cons. I said that the idea of open-access wouldn’t be really compatible with the free-market ideas studies in my Economics degree. I was playing devil’s advocate somewhat, and I have to agree that if money was the motivation for their work, academics would probably be in other professions. This is a great point he makes that shows what I particularly have enjoyed throughout this module. In my blog topic, I concluded that open-access may not be a good thing, yet in Arthur’s blog open-access did appear to be more beneficial.

Joe’s blog

Joe took an interesting stance on this weeks topic. His discussion, and more specifically, his graph about the pros piracy has for the content producer was a bizarre but very interesting point. Joe’s blog was my favourite this week for his unique approach.


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Image 2 – Burke, J. Available at


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On Joe’s – I could not find my comment on his blog. (But I assure you, I left a comment on his blog)

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