Summary of #UOSM2033 (Portfolio)

I sit here writing the this post knowing that sadly, this will be my last post for this module. I think my disappointment that the module has finished points to how much I have enjoyed this unique approach to learning at University. Unlike other modules I have studied, I feel I have learned new skills and enhanced my level of digital literacy. These improvements are highlighted by the changes in results of my self test (below).

Image A: Zachary Cohen, 2017, Self Test (Made using Piktochart)

The Topics

Each topic was different and provided me with an opportunity to learn something new.

Topic 1 introduced two completely new concepts – digital visitors and residents. Prior to starting this module, it had never occurred to me to categorise online users in such a way. I learned that digital visitors are those who use the internet as an aid and keep their online presence to a minimum.

A Digital resident, on the other hand, is someone who leave traces of their existence on the web. Having a Facebook profile, a twitter account or even having a blog such as this make people digital residents to an extent.

I learned that I am a digital resident. This is one of many things i have learned about myself throughout the course of this module.

Topic 2 was effectively a lesson in managing my own online identity. A lesson which had a twist – It wasn’t taught by a lecturer, it was taught by my own research and interaction with classmates through comments. This way of learning I found to be far more enjoyable and effective.

Alexander tweeting me a link to some statistics he found following our discussion about Topic 2

The topic itself  was thought provoking. It raised the issues of having multiple identities, a point often publicized by the TV show Catfish.

Topic 3 concerned the idea of building a professional digital profile. Once again, it was refreshing to study something with a real life application. I learned that employers check the social media accounts of their potential employees. I subsequently changed my privacy settings. This is highlighted by me ‘protecting my tweets’.

Once I discovered that employers often look at social media accounts, I decided to make my twitter more private.

In Topic 4 I decided to take the opportunity to discuss ethical issues in football. In doing so, I posted a picture of a controversial tweet by a footballer. I, perhaps naively, didn’t consider the impression this could give the reader of my blog. This point was made by Nic in my feedback form. Looking back, I completely see Nic’s view and have certainly learned to think about posting controversial material and how that could inadvertently be considered to be representative of my own views.



Nic’s criticism I found to be thought provoking and me think about how I present myself online. Perhaps his comments were a microcosm of the module itself.

Topic 5 gave me the opportunity to link this module with my field of study – Economics. I looked at the pros and cons of paywalls in the media industry and found (by looking at others posts) that our class had a wide array of views of the pros and cons of paying for material online.

My favourite things about this module are outlined in this video (below)

Don’t worry this isn’t the end of my blogging career…

Image B: Zachary Cohen, 2017, (Made using Piktochart)

UOSM 2033…..That’s what it’s all about then.

Twitter: @zacwhu
Instagram: zacwhu

Words 524


Video – Z. Cohen. 2017. Available at [Last Accessed: 09/01/2017]

Images A&B Z. Cohen. 2017 Created Using Piktochart



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